Well done Paddington Public School – ten first aid kits went to Vanuatu over Christmas.  I was able to deliver and instruct ten families on the use of the items contained in the First Aid Kits. This was a much needed and appreciated gift.  I’m told that if you want to go to the medical centre for treatment it costs you something each visit.  Considering most of these families earn just enough to purchase soap, kerosine and school fees you can see why finding the additional funds to attend the doctor could be difficult.  The people at Panganisu Village sent their heart felt regards and appreciation to the children, parents, and teachers of Paddington Public School for their gift.

2010 heralds a new year and a new  effort for our project, to ensure sustainability.  An informal sensis is being conducted taking a record of each family and their composition at North Efate and the Islands supported by the Panganisu medical centre.  I will be asking families here in Australia to adopt a family for the sole purpose of supplying them with a first aid kit each year until all the children are grown up, then they can adopt another family.  This would cost no more than about $60 per year.  The best way to do this is to have the children in the school adopt a family and build the kit over the course of a term or two.  This enables our children to learn about first aid, how to perform the aid, and about people in another country and the difficulties in developing countries.

If you want to be part of this fantastic project email me at entraverse@telstra.com or call 0408 079 385.

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Hi all

well the first aid Vanuatu project has left the gate.  The children of 3D are busily brainstorming, listing, designing and talking about what are the kinds of things that happen to children in day to day life that may require immediate medical attention.  We even experienced it first hand when we were recently over there with one of the boys cutting himself and it getting almost immediately infected.  We acted fast, cleaned it out, put some betadine on it and covered it with a bandaid.  Imagine treating a burn straight away or flushing out an eye.  These are the kinds of things that if treated immediately can prevent secondary and more serious issues.  I’m going to post some photo’s soon so stay posted.

We are now motivated to get as many of these boxes and schools involved as possible next year, so if your school would like to be involved please let me know.  email: entraverse@telstra.com.

Next year we WILL have 2800 boxes going so to be part of it, get your school involved now.

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Hi there –  I’ve just returned from a very successful trip to Vanuatu.  After discussions with the local representatives, we’ve decided that registering Poppy’s as a Not for Profit, Non Government Organisation is the best way to go.  We’ve also decided that the chiefs need to meet and tell us what their priorities are so that we can mobilize our efforts in Australia.  There was some really positive feedback from ex-pats living and working in Port Vila who have also volunteered their assistance.  So, now we have some dynamic and dedicated young people on board.  They are mainly going to concentrate on assessing the current situation.  One other arm to Poppy’s may have commenced with a great idea from Dean from BREAKAS who is going to start a training program with skills and competency assessments for his staff – at no charge.  I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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First Aid Vanuatu

Hi all

Welcome to the first post of First Aid Vanuatu.  On behalf of Poppy I’d like to welcome you to a portal into the real Vanuatu and what we are doing.

“We love Vanuatu” is a lovely little song I heard sung by school children on Pele Island last year.  Memorable for so many reasons:  My 40th birthday, and seeing Shelby (my friend) pick up a couple of new dance moves from an eight year old on the island.

Poppy has been bringing medical and education equipment and supplies into Vanuatu under his own steam either by funding it himself or accepting redundant equipment and hand outs for 15 years. He has single handedly bought in over $1m in aid.  Now that things are getting more difficult and Poppy’s health has been up and down I’ve come on board to help.

Our mission is to continue the good work and to give each ni-Van child in Vanuatu (83 islands) a First Aid kit with instruction manual in English, French and Bishlama and video education about first aid by kids for kids by end 2012.

This is a massive project with the pilot starting at Paddington Public School in 2009.  The year 3 teacher Lyssa Davis, whose parents worked in Vanuatu many years ago, is the driving force within the school.  If your school is interested then please contact Kelliegh at entraverse@telstra.com for more details.  Be a part of this great project and keep in contact with my weekly / monthly posts.

Kind regards – Kelliegh